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Caring for your Djembe


Caring For Your Drum

Djembe drums do need care and some maintenance in order to sound their best.  Here are a few pointers to help you keep your African Percussion drum in good shape.

  • Protect your drum from extremes of temperature and humidity. Leaving your drum in a hot car or storing it in a cold room will affect its tuning and eventually weaken and split the skin. If possible store your Djembe in a quilted bag.
  • Remove rings from your fingers before playing and don't play your drum (or allow it to be hit) with anything other than bare hands.
  • The shell of your Djembe can be oiled periodically to prevent it from drying. Use Danish Oil or ask your local African Percussion retailer for a bottle of 'Djembe Juice'.  Be careful not to apply the oil to the tuning ropes or goatskin head.
  • Your Djembe will occasionally need to be tuned. It's a good idea to get some experienced help when doing this for the first time. Your local drum shop, or a friend who plays are good options - but failing that, the diagram (left)  is a quick reference to help you put a couple tuning knots in your drum.

    Alternatively, if you live in Melbourne, drop your drum in to the African Percussion Workshop for a quick tune or call and ask about  our full range of repairs and service.
Play your Djembe often, treat it with love and respect and it will sing for you.